Hotel "Kentavr", Novopolotsk

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Novopolotsk is a fairly well-known city in Belarus and the SNM, which has a long and rich history. Many tourists from our and neighboring countries want to see all the famous cities, so the hotels of Novopolotsk are often searched on the Internet and in print media.

A hotel or mini hotel is needed to have a good rest from the road, if you come from far away, sleep and gain strength before a guided tour of the city of Novopolotsk. Today’s hotels are modern clean rooms with all the amenities that also provide a ton of extra services. Hotels in Polotsk are no longer those institutions of dubious nature that we encountered 10-15 years ago. Modern hotels have a good area, responsive staff and reasonable prices.

Where to find a hotel in Polotsk?

Today there are a lot of hotels in Polotsk, but how to choose one that will meet all your requirements? To do this, pay attention to the hotel Centaur in Novopolotsk, which is completely made of natural materials. Hotel "Centaur" is the newest in the region - built in 2017.

The hotel has a unique location, with a window overlooking the Western Dvina River. To your attention the owners provide excellent rooms of various categories, Banquet Hall, the cost of which is slightly lower than the average market value.

Centaur Hotel Novopolotsk offers to visit a deluxe room, where there is everything you need for your holiday. In the bedroom there is a comfortable bed with an orthopedic mattress, bedside tables, in the living room there is a plasma TV. The bathroom is equipped with a warm floor and all the necessary plumbing. The room also has a balcony with an equipped smoking area.